Kathy Flentge, OTR/L


Kathy holds a Professional DIR-FCD Model Certificate in Emotional, Social and Cognitive Development from Profectum as well as an intermediate DIR certificate from ICDL. As a senior therapist, Kathy enjoys opportunities to work with children and families, educate others, supervise colleagues, and create new programs. She is passionate about teaching and guiding others to hone in on essential aspects of what may help each child succeed- a strong foundation of physical and emotional development.

Kathy has experience in a variety of settings from private clinics such as AZ&A, Early Intervention, pre-schools, elementary schools, as well as out-patient and in-patient pediatric rehabilitation. In all of these settings she has “played with a purpose” in order to help each child develop skills for life, and to help their parents gain insight to why this play is important. When she is not working, you may find her spending time with her family, going for a run, exploring the city or maybe even doing yoga at the beach.