Paulina Pei, MS, OTR/L


Paulina received her Bachelor of Science degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Paulina’s training and experience in the DIR/Floortime model began internationally at AZ+A’s sister clinic in Naples, Italy. She continued in Chicago as a student leading summer camp groups and participating in individual sessions.

She was inspired to become an OT by firsthand experience when her younger brother was receiving OT. She witnessed it help him thrive at school and home while supporting her family to understand his unique profile better. They learned to focus on understanding his needs and preferences for certain things to be a certain way rather than “fixing” Paulina saw the value in this for my little brother, family, and also for his teachers at school. She then knew she wanted to do what my brother’s OT had done for us for other families.

Paulina’s favorite part about being an OT at AZ+A is learning and gaining an entirely new perspective on the world we live in and all of the wonderful beings who inhabit this place! OTs and the families we work with embrace one another’s individual differences and preferences. She most enjoys working holistically with an individual’s entire team. It can’t be done in isolation, and Paulina appreciates AZ+A’s approach of including the entire family and team (teachers, caretakers, and other interprofessional team members).

While she dreamed of being a teacher growing up, if she weren’t an OT, Paulina would be a baker, tasting all the yummy treats and pastries. Her dream superpower is teleportation so she could more easily travel the world! We’re happy it’s not that easy for her to leave us!

Outside of AZ+A, Paulina enjoys going on adventures with her dog and trying out new restaurants in Chicago.