Mister Rogers Inspires Occupational Therapists

In the recently released documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Mister Rogers once again teaches us how meaningful our interactions with kids can be when we truly listen, watch how they interact and help them respond positively to their surroundings. Whether you were fortunate enough to experience Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a child or are just meeting Fred Rogers through the documentary, this movie reminds us all the power of kindness and love.

Fred Rogers understood genuine connection with children begins by being authentic. We don’t need silly hats or cheap tricks to engage children. We need only be there to listen and give their brains the opportunity to develop through sensory exploration. As occupational therapists it’s magical to watch Mister Rogers teach chidren without their knowing they were being taught. The integration of play and activity is at the core of our successful programs but it first starts by building a trusting relationship. No one has ever done this quite like Mister Rogers. His remarkable story inspires us to boldly walk in his footsteps and try.