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AZ+A is in network with BCBS PPO

Out of Network Procedure + Agreement
AZ+A requires out-of-network families to contact their insurance carrier to discuss potential reimbursement and obtain the required documentation needed for us to submit. Out-of-network families are required to pay the claim amount each week and are the ones in contact with their insurance carrier to discuss reimbursement. If out-of-network claims are denied, it is the client’s responsibility to reach out to their insurance carrier to determine what information is needed. If documentation provided by the therapist or office is requested, AZ+A can supply this only if the family provides the office with a list of what is needed from AZ+A.

The price breakdown.

• $250 per hour for eval (usually 2-3 sessions at 60 minutes each)

• $195 per hour for regular


We require every family to contact their insurance company prior to beginning OT services. We are only in-network with BCBS PPO but also accept a variety of other out-of-network providers. We submit every claim to insurance on each Friday but will not be able to follow up on any denials for out-of-network plans. To verify your unique benefits, simply call the Customer Service number on the back of your card. It can be helpful to provide the insurance company with our National Provider Identifier (NPI) number: 1689031635 “AZA Chicago” and to ask the following questions:

  • Does my plan require pre-authorization for OT services? (Some plans require pre-auth before services and some require pre-auth after a certain number of visits)
  • Does my plan cover OT services?
  • Is there a cap (monetary or number of sessions) on my OT benefits and what happens if I exceed that cap?
  • How close/far am I from reaching my deductible?
  • What is my out-of-pocket maximum and what happens when I reach it?
  • Does my plan require pre-authorization for OT services?