Coping Skills for Stressed Out Gen Z and Gen Alpha Kids

Coping Skills for Stressed Out Gen Z and Gen Alpha Kids

A recent article in Psychology Today states that Gen Z need coping skills for cultural and historical stressors. Before we go on, how many of you have ever Googled what generation you or your kids fall in? Full admission, we had to before writing this post. There are so many, it’s hard to keep them all straight! (And no, we don’t know who comes up with this stuff.) For reference, Millennial 1980-1994, Gen Z 1995-2012 and Gen Alpha is 2013-2025.

Compared to the generations before them, the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennial (although, the argument could be made this generation is affected too) these generations are growing up feeling physical or emotional pain, such as depression or anxiety. Living in the Information Age is making it increasingly difficult for parents to limit exposure to school shootings, gun violence, terrorism and other “unsafe” narratives. Pair this with the unreasonable requirements for extra-curricular activities and pressures for “likes” on social media and it comes as no surprise that these generations are stressed.

Society and technology show no signs of change or compassion for the issue it has created. While it seems the days of a care-free childhood and stress-free teenage years are bygone, hope is not lost. Love, your presence and willingness to grow with them is the best defense against a tough offense.

Read the full article referenced above for coping strategies and intervention ideas, which include:

  • Promoting resiliency in children (it’s never to early to start)
  • Building close friendships in real time
  • Become a parent who listens versus one who lectures
  • Encourage your child(ren) to ask for help when needed (Occupational therapy and social groups can help. Unsolicited plug for our services. 💁‍♀️)