Linda Liong

Welcome OT student Linda Liong, who will be with us for the summer.

Linda was initially attracted to Occupational Therapy (OT) because of its unique perspective that combines physical and mental health. OTs view each individual as a whole person, recognizing the uniqueness and importance of tailored interventions for every client. As a Malaysian, Linda is committed to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in her home country and is eager to learn more to help individuals from all walks of life.

Linda’s introduction to OT came during her tennis career, a passion since childhood. Representing her country in this sport was a fulfilling experience throughout college until an injury during her senior year led her to seek help from an occupational therapist. The holistic approach to recovery opened her eyes to the impact of this profession, inspiring Linda to pursue a career where she could make a similar difference in others’ lives.

Coming from a close-knit family, Linda understands the value of relationships and the dynamics within a family unit. This sparked her interest in working with children and families, and she is excited to delve deeper into this aspect of OT practice.

Outside of her studies, Linda is passionate about tennis, running, hitting the gym, playing guitar, and continuing to learn more about OT and tennis coaching to help others reach their potential. She also enjoys spending quality time with friends, trying new foods, cooking new recipes, and traveling to explore different cultures worldwide.


Wayne State University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Public Health

DePaul University, Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy