5 Study Tips for Going Back to School During a Pandemic

5 Study Tips for Going Back to School During a Pandemic

Study tips for going back to school vary based on if students are returning to a traditional classroom with new safety measures in place or distance learning at home. Perhaps for some, it will be a mix of the two with hybrid learning. When and how students will return to school may feel out-of-control right now. Everyone is facing uncertainty and hoping for no further disruptions.

Regardless of age, it’s important that parents and students be patient and flexible during this time. Remember you are going through this with your classmates and instructors. Making a study plan may give you a little sense of control.

While some or all classwork may be online and remote in the coming school year, here are some study tips to help:

  1. Stay Organized

With so many moving parts, creating organization goals from the beginning will help the student and parents stay on track. Keeping a weekly or daily calendar helps organize your time. Older students might use an APP or smartphone widget, while young learners may do well with a whiteboard or chalkboard to visualize the day ahead.

2. Set a Schedule

Setting a study schedule can help provide structure and keep students motivated to finish their assignments and homework, especially for virtual classrooms or distance learning. Don’t forget to include time for exercise and fresh air!

3. Trade Old Strategies for New Ones

Routines may have to adjust as the school year unfolds. Looking for ways to adapt to usual study habits and form new ones is a good way to practice flexibility and build resilience. This can be done in easy ways like occasionally changing the study environment, moving rooms within your home, or studying outdoors if/when possible, etc.

4. Stay Connected

As we limit how much face-to-face time we spend with others, staying connected with family and friends is more important than ever. Also, staying in touch with instructors and classmates via Zoom or small group meetings can foster a sense of normalcy. FUN STUDY TIP: Weather permitting, creating an outdoor learning space where small groups of kids can study “together” is a great way to keep friendships and connections strong.

5. Get Help When it’s Needed

Back to school stress is affecting many, if not most, families right now. The academic disruption in the spring is still fresh in the minds of parents, teachers, and students as the new pandemic school year begins. AZ+A Study Partners program helps alleviate some of the pressure parents feel by providing the child with a “study buddy” to help guide them through the transition back to school and beyond.

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