Diverse Play Groups: The Benefits of AZ+A’s New Summer Programming

Diverse Play Groups: The Benefits of AZ+A’s New Summer Programming

Diverse Play Groups are quickly coming to the AZ+A Playhouse! AZ+A is shifting from traditional summer camp models to introduce a fresh approach that prioritizes individualized care and therapeutic opportunities. Here’s why we’ve made the switch to offering a variety of groups:

Occupational Therapist Involvement from Start to Finish

Unlike traditional summer camps, each of our groups benefits from the direct involvement of occupational therapists for the entirety of the session. Their active participation ensures children receive personalized support for their unique needs while fostering a supportive environment for growth within smaller groups.

Tailored Therapeutic Opportunities

With a diverse range of playgroups, we can provide therapeutic opportunities considering each child’s interests and skill level. From sensory exploration to social skills development, the groups meet children where they are and support their individual growth.

Harnessing Therapist Strengths and Passions

The therapists leading each playgroup bring their natural strengths and passions to the group. For example, Vasilios has studied and enjoys the benefits of Rough-and-Tumble play. Rudi Baruch is a dancer who is excited to facilitate Moving & Grooving and Karen Dilfer, our resident feeding specialist, looks forward to our yearly Summer Cooking Intensive. This allows us to create engaging and meaningful experiences that resonate with the children and bring them joy and connection. 

Flexible Options for Families

Our new summer programming offers flexibility for families with busy schedules. Whether it’s part-day signups, specific week commitments, or the entire summer, families can choose the options that best suit their needs, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate.

Extended Summer Programming and Starting the School Year Strong

Unlike traditional camps with limited durations, our new summer programming runs the length of the season. This extended timeframe allows us to accommodate more eligible families and provide ongoing support and enrichment throughout the summer.

Embracing Innovation and Inclusion

By embracing innovation and inclusion through our play groups, we create a space where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. 

Registration is still open with room available in all groups. C’mon and join the Sports Group or join Jessie, where Anything is Popsicle! Join us as we embark on this exciting path toward growth and transformation!