Pandemic Parenting – the Struggle is Real but there is Help!

Pandemic Parenting – the Struggle is Real but there is Help!

Pandemic Parenting

Pandemic parenting is resulting in parental burnout at alarming rates. Balancing the safety of your family, working from home/office/hiding in the car and hybrid/remote/virtual schooling solutions is difficult for the world’s best multitaskers. Putting added pressure on yourself to handle it all flawlessly is unsustainable. If ever there was a time to go easy on ourselves, this is it.

How about daily mulligans for everyone?  For you non-golfers, a mulligan is a do-over that doesn’t affect your score. Everyone deserves to learn from a bad shot and try again, particularly while parenting during a pandemic.

As both pediatric occupational therapists and parents who are experiencing the same stresses of COVID-19, we appreciate the advice in this Psychology Today article, The 3-Letter Words Child Psychologists Love.

Yet. And. Pre. Why. Ish.

Language matters, even the words we use with ourselves. You don’t have to master psychological jargon to understand why using these powerful 3-letter words can transform your outlook and emotions during difficult days.

We always want to convey the message (in the immortal words of Mr. Rogers): I love you just the way you are AND there are always skills you can learn, competencies you can master, and emotions you can learn to regulate better. The one does not cancel out the other. That’s the power of the word “and.”

Parenting is a relationship. Its focus ought to be on connection, not perfection; relationship, not rules. And, while it is more difficult to find these days, parenting should also be FUN. One of our most favorite 3-letter words!

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