Emma Fricke, MS, OTR/L


Emma graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Rush University. In addition to working at AZA Chicago, Emma has experience with private practice and school settings in Rome and Naples, Italy. She has been working with kids with developmental differences in the home, school, and outpatient settings since 2010.

Working with an adaptive fitness group in Madison, Wisconsin, inspired Emma‘s career as an occupational therapist. She loved figuring out ways to make exercise and movement accessible for everyone and met an amazing OT who led this program. From that experience, an OT star was born!

Emma is certified through ICDL for her DIR-Basic DIR/Floortime Provider certificate and recently completed her Fellows Course (CL2) through Profectum. She believes child development is best supported with a team approach, with the family at the center, and makes parents a fundamental part of the therapeutic process. Her philosophy is based on the concept that all children have the capacity to thrive. Through a deeper understanding of the child, we can support success and independence in daily life.

Some of her favorite things about being an OT include:

• Not having to wear shoes at work 😉

• Getting to know so many great kids/families and am constantly challenged in new ways. It’s fun for Emma to work with parents to discover what is working well for a child and where together they can provide a loving ‘boost’ to support ease in relationships, movement, school, and daily life.

• She also loves that AZ+A is a house and not a traditional clinic space. It feels most authentic that treatment, relationships, and development are nurtured in a playhouse instead of in an office setting. Each room has its unique quirks, and it’s so fun to watch a child or family discover new nooks and crannies of the playhouse, which often sparks new ideas.

Outside of AZA, Emma enjoys yoga, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. If she had her secret wish of a teleportation superpower, Emma might visit the child inside herself who once dreamed of being a professional horseback rider.