Vasilios Niphoratos, MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Vasilios is a Senior Occupational Therapist who started his OT career at Amy Zier & Associates over five years ago. He has extensive experience working with children and teenagers ages 2 to 17 with challenges related to self-regulation, sensory integration, emotional health, developmental delay, social participation, school participation, motor challenges, executive function, ASD, ADHD, and more.

Vasilios believes in a holistic and developmental approach to supporting children and families. This includes analyzing key systems (family, societal, cultural), developmental history, individual differences of the child, and key relationships. Vasilios uses therapeutic interventions and techniques to intrinsically motivate children while still based on the latest neuroscience and research. He also collaborates and shares expertise with parents, caregivers, and teachers to support the child’s goals in all the meaningful areas of their life. He utilizes his therapeutic strengths of playfulness, empathetic nature, and intuitiveness to build relationships and bring joy to those around him.

When he is not “playing for a living” at AZ&A, he enjoys playing sports like hockey and tennis, cooking traditional Greek food, and screenwriting.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Michigan-Dearborn
Master of Occupational Therapy from Wayne State University

-5+ years of experience in DIR/Floortime model supporting children and parents
-5+ years of experience in Sensory Integration coursework/education
-4+ years experience in Mental Health coursework/education (DBT, Trauma-Informed care)
-4+ years experience in School Occupational Therapy services (Supporting teachers, In-class strategies, IEP support)
-Profectum Professional DIR-FCDTM Model Certificate Level 1
-Star Institute Sensory Integration Hybrid Level 1 Mentorship Certificate