The Benefits of Receiving Psychotherapy at an OT Clinic

The Benefits of Receiving Psychotherapy at an OT Clinic

The benefits of receiving psychotherapy at an occupational therapy clinic are innumerable. Child psychotherapy at AZ+A, in particular, provides a unique experience with many benefits. 

First of all, AZ+A is a place designed specifically for kids to play. In fact, we often refer to it as the “playhouse.” The kids who come to AZ+A feel that it is a special place geared just for them. They know that they will come and experience the joy of playing, which helps:

  • De-intensify anxiety they might feel while also working through other troubles they’re experiencing. 
  • Express their feelings from the “bottom up”
  • Regulate their emotions through physical activity, such as swinging or bouncing
  • Utilize artistic expression, like painting or drawing to express their feelings
  • Attend to their unique sensory processing system
  • Feeling calmed by swinging or running around – AZ+A has many rooms for children to regulate their emotions through physical activity
  • Sensory processing and artistic expression for kids who like painting or sticking their hands in shaving cream, AZ+A has ample opportunities for those activities as well. 

Collaboration among therapists is an integral component of all the therapists at AZ+A practice. Therapists frequently discuss moments of progress and clinical dilemmas to draw from each other’s different expertise and clinical experiences. 

If your child qualifies for both pediatric OT and psychotherapy services, both therapists will be able to share clinical findings and design complementary treatment plans easily. They may even utilize “co-treat” sessions, in which both therapists work with the child together in one session. 

Your child needn’t be receiving OT services to benefit from the collaboration between our occupational therapists and your psychotherapist. The occupational therapists at Amy Zier and Associates in Chicago are well trained to attend to how we integrate our sensory experiences and move our bodies through space, which offers tremendous support for all children.

Even if your child does not qualify for a sensory integration disorder diagnosis or dyspraxia, we all have a sensory system, and we all have bodies! OT strategies may be highly beneficial for your child as they work through emotional challenges. A psychotherapist at an OT clinic will be more familiar with those strategies and how to utilize them in your child’s treatment. 

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